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Monday, May 26

take me to the water

OK, it's Memorial Day and I need to be by the water. The city finally got the 1st phase of the Erie Canal part of the new waterfront plan finished so we went down to see it. Loved it. Especially considering how hard the citizens had to work to keep the faith with it. They wanted to demolish the original canal walls they discovered while excavating the site. Something about how the harsh Winters would crumble them. Yes, there was the sound of crickets after that especially erudite pronouncement. The community stepped forward and slapped them into lucidity and the plan to maintain as much of the history as possible went forward. Until Bass Pro decided they wanted to build their big box store on the main concourse/festival part of the new design and they were actually going to let them do it. More slapping ensued. I am very proud of the people who live here and love their hometown and "get it". It is hard work, maintaining integrity.

So the city that owns the terminus of the Erie Canal actually now has a place for people to visit it. The towns along the canal in central NY embrace the thing, we ignored it. I guess we had this big lake and ginormous river to deal with, so the canal was ignored? No more.

And then, at the marina, they tore a hole in the wall that kept the people away from the water and made a little beach to hang out on. No swimming. This is, after all, the Niagara River and we all know where that baby ends up a few miles down.

But still, sand in my shoes, gentle waves to lap my toes. I'll take it.

All in all, a good day for water-loving Buffalonians. Tough to live on a virtual peninsula and beg for access to the water. Things are looking up. Soon you won't have to drive 15 minutes to actually get in the water. One can only dream.

To see my canal/beach pictures click over there----->on, yes, canal/beach.

Break over, back to the attic.

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