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Friday, June 4

true beginnings

Yes, I did a show last week, but 100 American Craftsmen has been the true beginning of the season for me for quite a few years now. I'm crazy about this show for a bunch of reasons, the biggest is the homecoming sense of it. From the women manning the registration desk (Hi hon! Welcome back! You look fabulous!) to greeting old art carnie friends after a Winter away with hugs and laughter. it is a joyful beginning for me.

It is also a gathering of some of the best craftsmen around. I'm always amazed that they let me in. This is all craft, no "art". Jewelers make up a third of the show, followed by blown glass, pottery, metalwork, wood. It is one of the few shows I do that actually has a category for paper and I am not the only one in it.

This weekend I will be set up across the aisle from one of my favorite people, Cheryl Olney of Louise's Daughter and back to back with my blog buddy, Terry Stephan and his bead genius wife Betty

Most of the folks will be setting up today. These are just the ones that opted for a head start like we did. Today all I have to do is clip my lights to the frame and set up my stuff. I've left some busy work to do when I get there, like tagging my books, because I want to be there early, unrushed (is that a word?) focused on the weekend ahead, no distractions except for the welcome interruptions of old friends, coming together again, in a world so few people understand, griping and moaning and laughing about the work we have chosen to do with the silent understanding that we really wouldn't have it any other way.

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