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Tuesday, June 29

maiden voyage

So, this past weekend was Roycroft, usually one of my best shows. Great selection of artisans in the Roycroft tradition on the grounds of the historic Roycroft campus. The Copper shop is usually open and antique dealers set up in a back corner. Across the street, an art show with painting and photography, etc. Bliss.

So, naturally, since it was perfect as is, it had to be changed. Long boring story short, construction on the main road forced some decisions and we wound up on the parking lot of an elementary school. I've whined enough about it for days now, so I will spare the blog from my petulance. It turned out OK although not stellar, but it was not the gem I look forward to every year. Nobody knows what will happen next year.

But! We got to use the new/old canopy for the first time. We only had a couple of missteps, like putting the top rails on the bottom, but these were things that made themselves apparent right away and were easy to fix. And I love it. I love the spaciousness of the tall ceiling free of the mechanism the pop-up has. Loved the heavy vinyl walls, so study compared to the nylon we had before. A wind kicked up late in the day and the new tent just sort of yawned while the pop-ups danced and fluttered.I almost wished for rain just to see how it would hold up, but I didnt want to wish that on my fellow carnies. I felt at home in my new space, comfortable and safe. What a difference.

There is still some tweaking to do on the display in general, but I think it is getting pretty good. Since I have a combination of things that need shelves and wall space and racks, it can get tricky.

And now no shows until the end of the month which is making my budget tremble. But it gives me time to build stock and visit the Long Island branch of the family and enjoy time with the youngest of our blended family, Max, who is visiting from Oregon for a few weeks. Such a gift. We haven't seen him since October.

Speaking of blended families and gifts, the 2nd oldest "blender", Harvest, presented the family with Jackson Riley yesterday.

It doesn't get much better. :)

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Leisha said...

The new canopy looks great!! Congrats! :-)