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Wednesday, January 14

sometimes it takes me a while

So, one of the tasks I assigned myself for January was to get a web site up. Nothing fancy. Information only, no shopping cart or anything. Last night, curled up in my big chair, American Idol on TV, a list of cheap or free sites garnered from friends at the ready, I leapt.

And landed in PC hell.

"Hi. My name is Pat and I'm a MacHead."

"Hi Pat!"

The first place was specifically MicroSoft (shudder). The next offered Linux whatever that is. The third seemed happy to allow this ragtag OS in, but it was like being assigned the broken desk, the office with no windows. Pun intended. I was stuck with 2 fonts and uploading my pictures took 15 minutes (or 7 Idol auditions). But wait! I could upgrade to Site Builder PLUS! Oh hurrah. I would have fonts, I would have options, I would have....

"I'm sorry. This program is not available for Mac. Would you like SiteBuilder Lite?"

What? Am I building a site or buying a beer? No, I do not want the Lite program. Cancel me.

"I'm sorry, to cancel you must call our offices at..."


The bikini girl was singing on Idol so I knew it was getting late. They always save the "interesting" contestants for later. I would have to call in the morning.

Now, I'm not sure what happened in the morning to re-engage my brain cells. I was sitting at the big 'puter waiting for my coffee to brew and I remembered. My Mac mail account had web pages. I clicked on the account and, sure enough, free web site, host my domain name for free, beautiful templates, language I understood.

In 30 minutes, I had 3 pages done. In the special font I found for my business. Photos were drag and drop. All the elements could be dragged about at will. I was laughing out loud at the sheer fun of it.

In a few hours, once my domain name has been morphed (or whatever the techincal term is) onto my site, I will post the link.

While we wait, shall we contemplate the utter superiority of everything Apple? People always point out compatibility with all those PC programs as a reason to stay PC, but I forgot the prevailing wisdom about why it doesn't matter.

You don't need them.

Sorry, Steve, I forgot.

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