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Thursday, January 22

i'm trying

Really. I went up to the studio, saw my breath, reconsidered. I did stay up there long enough to cut some cardstock for my collage cards and I printed my new logo (with web site!) on the back.

Yeah, big deal. The first month of the new year, the year I was going to get off to a roaring start is winding down and I have managed to print my name on a bunch of card stock. Cue the trumpets.

In my defense, it has been insanely cold and our 3rd floor is unheated. Oh, I could keep the door open and let the heat up there. Uh huh. And I could shred dollars and use them for the litter box, too.

The answer is to find things to do downstairs. The problem is that most of what I do is pretty messy or requires equipment. A few weeks ago, during my cleaning frenzy, I put together a box of beads and spacers that I could use for bookbeads, so I rescued it from the attic igloo and made up a few while I sat by the fire and watched TV.

No, they will not make me rich. They are little baubles that I have in a basket near the books, an accessory. But it's something. A start. And I didn't get frostbite making them.

Baby steps.


EightSusquehanna said...


1. The photo of your Bookbeads is FABULOUS!

2. I love your narrative style, your writing in your posts.

3. And Morning Lens! OMG! What great photos!

Best wishes & mondo sales for you in the year to come.

Your Fellow MINY,
Vicki (EightSusquehanna)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is great as usual. I like the quotes..
Is there no way to heat your studio? Or, is it just way to expensive?