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Sunday, November 23

mansion merchandising

When you decide to try your hand at selling your works of art and craft, you pretty much have to accept that you will prop up a tent or open up a card table anywhere you are told. I have done shows at the foot of a ski hill, in gyms that smell of old socks, in church basements that require you to carry your stuff down narrow, winding stairs or, worse yet, UP narrow winding stairs. We have done shows on city streets, in parks, in parking lots. It's part of the game.

But at Kenan, you get a mansion.

I mean, this is the ceiling, OK?

This could spoil you for the next cafetorium gig.

So we got our little area set up OK, but did some more tweaking the next day. This was basically it, though...

And, most important, the people came. And came. Saturday was a constant stream of people through the house.

On Sunday morning, they gave us a little breakfast in the Greenhouse. We schmoozed with our fellow artists, drank coffee, gossiped, ate muffins, laughed, drank orange juice. It was a nice way to start the last day.

Sundays are usually pretty slow at shows and this Sunday was very slow. But the weekend, all told, was a good one. So far, the anxiety about the effect of our country's financial malfunction on the art show circuit has been much ado about little.


2 more shows and then we will have come full circle on this blog..a year in the life. But I'm having too much fun, so I'm going to carry on. You do want to know how my web site goes, right? And marketing the book pins should be a real page turner. Don't wanna miss that.

Two more shows to get ready for. But not tonight, Tonight I'm blogging and reading and eating Chinese take-out.

I earned it. :)

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