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Friday, November 21

It's a set up

I've written about the Kenan Center before. In June we do 100 American Craftsmen which starts our local "season". Their Holiday Show comes at the end. It is wonderful to have the year book-ended by these lovely shows when we are lucky enough to be accepted to both.

100 American is held in the arena, but the Christmas show is in "The House" and outlying buildings.

Our first year, we were in the Education Building which was lovely. Then we were "moved up" to the house in a back room. This year we got a plum. The living room. I can't explain the difference, I'll show you.

Last year's the left where the chair is. You can't see the radiator that was in the middle of the wall. Just 2 of us set up there in the back room which was also the exit from the show. An interesting challenge.

This year

It's not going to be easy. Our spot meets up with the adjoining area in an "L" shape and since the other exhibitor hadn't come yet, the configuration we came up with is probably temporary. He needs access to the back of his area, our space is small so we can't afford to lose much,

It will be fine, always is. Now I have to find my iPod (for Christmas music), dig out another table cover, finish some books, gather the list of things I forgot yesterday, print some signs, cut up business cards and hang tags.

No problem. I have 3 hours.

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