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Thursday, November 27

attitude of gratitude

Yes, of course, I am grateful for the 4 kids and 2 grandkids that bring such joy and frustration and love to our lives. And, of course, the sibs, the Moms. My Russell. All of them. My blessings. Amazing graces.

But this is an art blog, so let's not get too schmoopy. As an artist of sorts I am grateful for other things.

My bone folder. Number one. Could not work without it. Don't know who invented it. Don't know if it is a recreation of a medieval tool that was, like, really bone or what. It folds, it scores, it makes paper behave, it chops it dices...I kiss you, my bone folder. I am thankful for you.

Glue. Think about it. Sticks, bottle, sprays, tubes. None of my stuff would be together without it. Who invented glue? Thanks whoever you are.

Other artists and artisans. I get advice, wisdom, sarcasm and affection from them. Considering that at your average art/craft show we are all competing, that the 40 bucks spent in my booth is now not gonna be spent at yours, I think that is amazing. Where else are you going to learn which shows to apply for and which ones to dump? Which credit cards processors are the best? A good place for art supplies. This Spring a potter let us photograph his shelving system and then proceeded to tell us how it was made and even where to get the components cheap. I cherish this community of art carnies that schlepp their wares to festivals every Summer weekend, hoping for the best.

Artist amenities. If you are a show organizer and you gave us any or all of the following: free coffee at set up, breakfast, artist-only porta potties, after show reception, booth sitters, goodie bags, name tags with correct spelling..thank you, thank you.

Hyatt's. Sure, most of our stuff is bought from wholesalers, but to actually have an art the neighborhood..where they say "Hey Pat" when I walk in? Thanks.

Artichoke French. That's all I have to say about that. Thanks.

Shows that cash your check AFTER you've been accepted. Smooches. Although my bank prefers the stealth cashers that submit the application check any time between the day I wrote it and the day of the show without warning. They adore those little $30 bonuses. It's part of why First Niagara didn't need bailout money. They have me.

Most of all...all those folks that handed over their hard-earned money to me in exchange for one of my creations, thank you. You didn't just help us pay the mortgage, you gave me the greatest compliment an artist type can get. You looked at something I imagined and created and you liked it enough to buy it and bring it home. I am grateful for you. You keep me going.

Yes, soon I will be posting a rant about this business, I now have 7 applications on the mantle waiting. Inside those festive looking mailings, you just know are absurd requirements. Like certified checks, photos of me in the studio, copies of invoices from suppliers, an "artist statement" about where I get my inspiration.

But this is Thanksgiving Day, no complaining allowed. Just gratitude.

Thank you.