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Friday, February 1

under the wire

Got the Allentown application out just in time. OK, I am going to be better about this. Starting now. OK. Yep.

I have a decision to make about July. We like the show in Syracuse and they changed the date this year which sort of screwed up my plans. So, now I have the first part of July to fill and I'm conflicted. Corn Hill, in Rochester, is a really lovely show but just mediocre for us in sales. I can pretty much be sure of getting in. The shows at the Chautauqua Institute are in July and August and I would to get into those, but I think my chances are slim. I have to choose because the notification dates will not allow me to cancel Corn HIll without financial cost if I get Chautauqua.

So, domestic discussion ensues and Russell convinces me to go for the gusto and if we don't get Chautauqua, we'll have some nice break time after a hectic June. And time to restock, too.Maybe even take a weekend away without dragging along a canopy and display racks.

Of course, all of this is based on assumption...the assumption that I will get into the shows I count on. The hardest part of this business is the uncertainty. It's like reapplying for your job every few months and not knowing if they are going to rehire you or not. Hard to get the creative vibe going with all this stuff weighing down on you. It gets lost in the paperwork and the little slide pockets and the self addressed envelopes.

Every year I try for a show that I had previously considered over my head. So far, I've been lucky. I like that analogy about reaching for the moon because at least you'll get some stars. Something like that. Of course, you reach too far and sometimes you come back with nothing more than a shoulder sprain. I'll reach for it, but I'm keeping the Advil handy.

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