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Friday, February 22


I have not abandoned my blog. I was feeling poorly for a while. No idea what it was, but it's gone so who cares? And then we took a jaunt to NYC where I took in "Curtains" while my guy took in a workshop. David Hyde Pierce is so funny and I got to watch his comic tweaks and takes from the 5th row. It was wonderful.

But now it is back to work.

I am feeling timid for some reason, tentative about my work. That is sort of unusual for me. I tend to throw myself into a new project with abandon, not caring how it turns out because I know it is an experiment. It may be the beginning of a new "widget" that pleases me or it might be the death of a idea that seemed brilliant at one a.m. and now serves just to humble me. Either way, it has always been a "no pressure" situation. Not sure why I am so reluctant to go up and jump in. After all, my goal this year was to be ahead of schedule and have much done before the 1st show.

This weekend is my last chance to create something wonderful for the new round of jurying. I have to remember a line from the show I saw. They were singing about the realities of theater. "It's a business" they sang. Yep. It is.

And the boss is glaring at me and tapping her watch.

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