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Thursday, January 17

Oh, that money thing...

Last night I sat here with my laptop and bought paper. Mulberry, Lokta, crinkled, batik print, multifiber. Oh, I tell ya it was fun. $250.00. Dear Lord. This is the thing a lot of folks don't understand. We run into 90% of our expenses before the first show. Supplies, fees, hotel deposits, jury slides, display equipment -name it. So, when a show decides that they will cash your check when you apply instead of after you are accepted, it is a hardship. Especially if you don't get in. I have made the case that that is sort of like handing money over to someone at the door of Macy's just in case you want to buy something and getting it back 2 months later if you didn't. I'm thinking that if you took my money, I had better have a 10X10 space somewhere.

Nobody listens except other artists. I don't fight it anymore, I just grumble under my breath while I write the check.

When I started I was too frugal about supplies and components and tools. Russell had to show me how the right tool makes your job easier and better. I learned that quality components made for a more elegant final product and when your product is better, you make more money and so it goes. Kills my stingy little heart sometimes, but it is absolutely true. I could buy my handmade papers at a discount place but I find the most interesting ones at handmade paper superstore.

I still get my solid colors, the old, dependable basics at where I also get my packaging. Oooh.. but that other place has the most interesting, inspiring stuff. And if you don't stay inspired you might as well hang it up. When this becomes more job than joy it's over.

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