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Monday, January 28

good news/bad news

Well, the kind folks at Kenan Center sent an email saying that the images I sent were fine. Now if only the jury agrees!

Bad news is that my foray into luminaria/lamp making did not go well. At all. I need to work on the "skeleton" more, give the shape stability. The one on my work table this morning is staggering and listing as if it had been drinking. As carefully as I measured, the sides have adopted whatever size appeals to them. The sticks on the inside look bare and amateurish. Exposed. I hate to use the word "disaster" but I think it sorta fits here. I'm disappointed but I'll keep working at it. Nothing I do ever was right the first time. Except maybe motherhood.

I may want to construct a cage from wire and add the twigs and botanicals that I want to use after the basic shape is accomplished. We'll see.

I decided to make a cast paper mirror for the jury slides instead. Now THAT I know how to do. I just don't have a picture that is jury quality and I sold all the ones I had so I need a new one. I like this design, so that's what I'm working on this morning. Hopefully, I can get a jury shot that doesn't require that I "erase" the reflection.

Russell cuts wood for the mirror and I draw a design on it with hot wax. When it dries, handmade paper, usually mulberry, is applied to it, sealed, allowed to dry. Then I use paint and powders to create the finish. I like for them to resemble stone or old metal. I let the paper guide me, the colors are random and eventually work together. Or not.

Better get to it, Some deadlines are mere hours away.

My true art is procrastination.

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