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Wednesday, September 5

Start, sputter, go

Day one of our yearly cross country trip. First day is always awkward. We leave later than we planned, the car isn't configure right even though much thought was given to it. Quincy is restless, never sleeping,always vigilant,pacing, I think he is waiting to get where we are going and doesn't understand what is taking so long. Oliver sleeps whenever there is a soft spot available for him which is almost always.

We sailed through Ohio and Indiana and Illinois, checking off the " drive through" states. Waiting to cross the Mississipi. That is our goal. To drive right through, get to the good stuff where we will slow down and enjoy the journey.

Even in the dark and with a heavy rain obscuring the view, Iowa feels different. Cleaner, softer. We will travel through endless miles of corn fields and the tedium of that will be a running joke until we hit Nebraska where the joke will start to lost its charm. But I know the road will start to wind and rise and Wyoming is next.

People ask why we drive, they ask how long it takes as if it was a chore to endure.

It is an hour to sunrise, I am snug in our roomy car with the man I love and our 2 dogs, all of them sound asleep. It is raining.trucks line the space behind us because the truck lot is full, so we are surrounded by other road takers, sleeping in cozy compartments. The rest stop is clean and modern with free wi fi. The bathrooms so bright it hurts my sleep-tender eyes. We decide to take another hour here with the sky slowly turning from black to indigo, the rain softer now allowing the windows to be opened and filling the car with the sweet smell of wet grass.

I'm in no hurry, surrounded as II am by the creatures I love, watching the sky wake, looking forward to the corn fields and the road.

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