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Wednesday, December 31

once more into the breach...

Well, I ask you to open my studio door at the end of the season and not imagine a war having been fought there.

Really bad. Really.

So, I have some time off from the theater, my first app due in 10 days, a need to keep busy, a snowstorm outside. There will be cleaning.

I am going to organize. Again. There will be plastic bins and labels. Old storage stuff that never really worked is already at the curb. New shelves are ready to be filled with those labeled plastic thingys.

I have the most trouble letting go of things that I may use someday maybe if just in case I might somehow.....gone. Unpainted paper castings, A book that just need a repair...for 2 years now. Mirrors with designs that just didn't work. Cast bowls that never sold, the edges cracked from schlepping to show after show. Gone.

I started this year with the same cleaning spurt, but this time I am actually redoing things. For instance, my paper cutter is on a surface just about 6 inches too low so I always hurt my back when doing any prolonged cutting. That will be moved up. Things i had stored right near my work area will be stored away unless it's something I use daily. Stuff like that.

And so we start again. A clean room, a clean slate. A new calendar book. New plans.

Guess I should get up there. One more coffee.......

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Constance Mettler said...

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Please visit these sites and let me know. I LOVE the Chautauqua show.