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Monday, December 8

another mansion, another show

This show was part of Open Studios weekend. About 20 of us gathered in the beautiful rooms of Gilda's Club and set up to sell, donating 20% back to Gilda's. It is a wonderful collaboration between the Bliss and Bejewelled artists and Gilda's organization. More about the Club later.

(Just one thing. I need to apologize now for the quality of some of the photos I'm about to share. I know, I know, I have promised all year to learn my camera. And I will. Really. But wouldn't you rather see something a little blurry and with odd color tones than nothing at all? )

I was assigned to the art room which was a utilitarian space, not one of the elegant rooms with plush furniture and flattering light. This was a good thing. Not only did we get vinyl floors I didn't have to worry about, there was bright light and a supply cabinet that turned out to be a source for emergency borrowing. A stapler, a pen, a marker. (Yes, Mom, I returned everything). I will take functionality every time. I thought my little space worked out pretty well

Until I saw Danielle's colorful, welcoming "shop"

and Robin's clever utilization of the wash up area (under the black drape) as shelf space

I need display help. A mentor. Someone with vision. I've had those table covers for 10 years. (Note: Add to list of January projects "research display options) We've made strides on the outdoor set up, but indoors...not so much.

I mean, it never occurred to me to either cover up or temporarily remove the art projects on the bulletin board behind me. Not until someone complimented me on "my" mandalas and asked how much they were. Oh man.

Anyway...Friday night there was a fund raiser/reception./preview with food and music

so we had shoppers who were juggling wine glasses and miniature food as they browsed. Saturday and Sunday were open house style and many many people came. 

This was a lovely weekend.  Many old friends

Paul Morgan of Avalon

Brian Nesline in what I jokingly called the "Faces of Buffalo Wing"

Anne Bliss...a major reason for the success of this show

Chary...her work sparkles and so does she :)

Mary Stephens, not just a talented designer, the force behind the growing Buffalo Indie Market

and Gingerbread houses!

The house was filled with laughter and art and cookies. People came in out of the cold, stomping snow off their shoes, unwinding scarves, taking in the light and warmth of the house. They sipped coffee and nibbled cookies and engaged us in conversation as they shopped. I spoke with many women who were cancer survivors, members of this club. (As Gilda said "a club you never wanted to belong to. That's where the name comes from) I was taken by their spirit, a certain defiance, courage. They bought things from me that had quotes on them about living life fully, seizing the day, moments that take your breath away. I'm thinking about them today as I go about the mundane day-after-show paperwork.

Yesterday I found myself drawn to the "It's Always Something" room. It is a small room, all white. Walls, furniture, drapes. The decor, what there is of it, is nautical. Maybe I was drawn to it because there has never been a day in my life in which a white room would have been possible. But I would stand in the doorway and wonder what stories the walls would tell. The furniture is oversized and overstuffed. A person would be held and comforted by furniture like that. And by images of the sea, By the canvas of white walls. I pictured this as a haven, a place for conversation and connection. I imagined people bringing troubles there and having them washed clean. I have no clue what the room really is for, but for me, this weekend, it was a symbol of this beautiful idea.

I'm thinking Gilda would be proud.


Terry said...


I don't think there is a thing wrong with your display. You probably could have made some use of the display board behing you. THe Gilda you tube is great, it made me go look for more clips of her.. Terry

Mary Lynn said...

Hi Pat~ I am a long-time cancer survivor (Yeah!), a volunteer at Gilda's (Double Yeah!!) and have the privilige of facilitating some groups at Gilda's (Unbelievably priviliged). My friend and I were at the show on Sunday and remembered your display and your beautiful work. I remember thinking that I liked the simplicity of your display. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Gilda's Club. When they speak of "Gilda Magic", they're not kidding! Merry Restful, Peaceful Christmas to you!!!
Mary Lynn