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Monday, October 27

morning at the museum

So, before we left on vacation I got an email from the manager of the gift shop at the Buffalo HIstorical Society. She had seen one of my book pins on an employee (who happens to be a friend). She wanted to know what else I had and could we meet?

The History Museum is a beautiful place and my memory of the gift shop was that my stuff wasn't that great a fit. But I was curious and it would be nice to have some things there. I'm all about having some classy sales venues. It might wear off on me. Perusing the online shop reinforced my sense of what I could place there, and I went off to meet Mary Louise with a tote of samples and some ideas.

I got there before the Museum opened and rang the bell beside the massive, ornate doors. Mary Louise let me in and welcomed me with a warm smile. She showed me the shop and the area that showcased local artists. It is a lovely shop, but I was right, My work, as it usually is, wasn't a good fit.

We went into the Board Room to talk and I showed her the journals and frames I brought. I told her at the outset that she should look at these as samples because my sense was that the shop was geared to a certain style that I did not yet have. She loved the little pin and wanted those right away. Then we discussed the journals and I offered some suggestions on different styles I could design for them and she was enthusiastic.

So, there ya go. Such a businesswoman I am. I'm going to work up some books with old maps as the cover paper, some with raised photos of local images. Stuff like that. Could be fun.

But that, except for the pins, is for after the Holidays. Now I have to refocus on the upcoming shows. And you know what that means.

Back to the attic.

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