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Tuesday, June 4

Show #1 "in the can"

I understand that in the film industry, when a project is completed, it is said to be "in the can". Well, my first show is completed and I can say with conviction that it is "in the can". Not going to explain exactly what can that might be.

Yes, day 3 was not much better than the others. Major disappointment.

There was the traditional artist breakfast meeting Sunday morning and the topic of few customers, few sales was, naturally, addressed.  With no resolution that I could see. It certainly isn't the quality of work:

So, I will have a while to ponder the options for next year. I have a real soft spot for this show. It would be hard to pass on it. But I may have to.

Onward and upward to Allentown in a few days. Sending good vibes out into the stratosphere.


Debbie said...

Pat, do you know how to get in touch with the artist that created the beautiful vase, 3rd up from bottom? That is the most beautiful vase I have ever seen.

Pat said...

Not a vase...that is a gourd!

Debbie said...

Are you KIDDING me? It is magnificent!

linda said...

anxious to hear about Roycroft..are you anxious to tell?