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Monday, June 25


I have whined about this before. Let the tradition continue.

ELbert Hubbard's Roycroft movement celebrates the artisan movement with a special nod to the book arts. AFter a few years perfecting my craft, I was able to get into the show and I was inspired and motivated by the company of the certified Roycroft artisans amongst us. That was intensified by the fact that we set up our little tents along the meandering pathways of the Roycroft campus. It was heaven.

So, of course, they moved us to a parking lot 6 blocks away on a side street.

There was construction and the traffic and the blah blah. SO we set up on hot, unshaded asphalt in front of an elementary school and the campus is host to a flea market.

If the sales continued to be as good as they used to be, one might suck it up and focus on the artist friends around you. But my sales are now about 60% of what they were. That is a problem.

It's a conundrum. The good shows are hard to find and to have one deconstruct before your eyes is a sad thing.

OK, enough of that. The good? Lots. Most of my favorite art show friends do this show and much schmoozing happens. The people who are drawn to the show by the Roycroft brand are not looking for tinsel hair crowns and "Peruvian" flutes. They "get it".

So maybe most of the people who wandered into my little tent left without a purchase. Many of them did. Which leads me to my new mission. To memorialize the best of the comments from my visitors. Comments that keep me going, that humble and encourage me.

"I came into your booth and saw your things and I thought "I don;t know her, but I love her soul" Sister Roseanne

"When I came in and looked around, your work brought tears to my eyes. It touched me" Christine Abt.

Can't put it in the bank, but I'll take it. It is still riches.

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