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Saturday, January 15

motivational studies

It's that time of year. Before I can go any further with jury slides and stocking up, I need to clear a path into my studio. It's the usual disaster, the normal chaos conglomerate, the gates of hell for anyone with one organizing gene.

I've been waiting for something to spark me, get me up the stairs, rev my clean-up engines and it came in a gallon jug.


Sigh, the book maker's drug of choice. Soft, white, creamy PVA from the adhesive distributor. This is not like the stuff you get in a bottle of Elmer's. It is thick and luxurious, it makes you want to glue something. It makes you want to clean your room so you can put that pretty jug in a place of honor.

It's like when you get new drapes and it makes you Spring clean the room. I remember once, as a teenager, a new purse made me clean my bedroom. Silly, but who knows what makes the mind work?

Oh, the jug will get all smeared up and the glue will dry up some and by the time I've reached mid-point the charm will be gone. But by then I will have made tons of books and be moving on to another incomprehensible motivator.

I can only imagine what my planned April buying trip to Hollander's will prompt. If a gallon of glue gets me to clean a disaster area, a trunk full of new papers may get a new roof on the house.

Well, better get back to it. Can't crack open the gallon until I have the proper work space ready.

Gotta respect the muse, after all.

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Louise's Son-in-law said...

I'll never forget my first gallon of glue. After a year or so of making toys back in maybe 1973, we found a gallon of Elmers in a Two Guys store in the Binghampton area. (Yes it was Elmers, and that is still my glue of choice for wood - especially toys) It was less than $8 and represented a big savings over the little bottles we had been going through way too fast! As my business grew we eventually graduated to 5 gallon cans, but 90% of the actual work was done with the little 8oz bottles. On a side note the new 8oz bottles look the same, but they clog up about 1/3 of the way through the first bottle. In the old days we refilled them for a year or more before giving up! I do understand not using Elmers for paper though!