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Tuesday, May 25

where are the lilacs?

Off we went in the early dawn, a van filled to the brim with display stuff and 2 dogs. We had been dog sitters for my son and his sweetie and the handoff was to be at the show. I don't know who I felt sorrier for, Ginger the Golden Retriever who sat on the floor of the van under Russell's knees or Russell who tried valiantly to give the dog more room even if it meant being a contortionist. The other dog was a teeny dachsy who was able to find comfort and look out the window, too.

It was the first day with the new set up and it went OK, but I can see the tweaking that is needed. I have been trying to have a nice looking booth for a dozen years and it is taking way too long to accomplish it. At my next show they are offering a consultation with an expert on booth design and I am so there!

What can I say about this show? The weather held, there were lots of people. The show runs 2 weekends and most of the sales were on the first weekend according to those who had done both. Story of my life, eh?

But I got to reconnect with a lot of friends, made enough money to order supplies, got back in the groove.

But the best part? I sold art! Yeah, yeah, I know, it's all "art", but I sold 2 of my new collage pieces. Now, at a show where there were few sales and most of those were cards and cheap things, the fact that I sold 2 of them is really heartening. It makes me think that at a "good" show with more buyers I may do well with this. Makes me happy.

I'll leave you with some random art show photos. The fun thing about shooting at the shows is that you have lots of colorful things, lots of people, images you don't see every day....

sunshine through the crystals

so, that's how they make those!

winner of "cutest kid at art show"

brown-bagging lunch to avoid the food court

true attention getter. wonder what he cost?

wonderful vases from my friend, Deb.

I promised to give a day to my "real" job, but then it's back to work for 100 American. Gonna make "art" for that one. No stopping me now!

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Louise's Son-in-law said...

Sorry we missed you. We live about 4 blocks from the park. We went for a while the first weekend, but arrived as the crafters were breaking down the booths. The lilacs were at their peak about 10 days before the festival opened this year. They were particularly beautiful - just not on the people schedule! Next time you do a show here in town, drop me a line! With my parent care responsibilities, I'm in town all the time! Cheryl goes alone these days!