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Thursday, April 1


It came upon us gently, a little at a time. A few afternoons that nudged you to shed your coat. A shoot of green through dried leaves. A sudden desire to dust off the bike. And then this morning the door opened into warmth, a gentle breeze, sun.

We opened the doors at work so that it felt like we were set up on the street. I ate my lunch at a dusty table in the courtyard, a long overdue library book open on my lap.

When you live in a 4 season kind of place, the dawning of the seasons are events to be celebrated, commented upon, squeezed of every nuance. Spring is especially loved. Everyone with a camera took pictures of daffodils this week, I bet.

I lost out on a good show today, irritated me. What do these juries want? But then an email that began "congratulations" and another show was added to the yes column. It's been a tough app season. I'm feeling anxious. But then I rolled down the windows on the car and drove home with sweet air swirling around me and it mattered less.We were going to go for dinner at a place where we could get milkshakes. Perfect. Winter would be officially over then.

I changed into jeans and sandals and we headed out, through our easy city neighborhood. There were knots of people on the parkways. Spinning frisbees to each other, strumming guitars, hugging while they walked. We stopped for a light and then, as we began to move again I saw them. Away from the others, a boy and a girl. In the middle of a circle of budding trees. Their coats were in a muddle on the grass and he was spinning her. He held a wrist and an ankle and he twirled slowly and effortlessly while she reached out and up. There was no sound, they were too far away, but I could sense smiles, laughter, freedom, youth. Round and round like a dance, like a game.

I leaned back against the seat and closed my eyes and smiled. I couldn't see the spinning lawn, feel the dizzying rush or the wind in my hair. But my toes wiggled free in the sandals and I held my hand out against the soft air as we drove. And life was good, juries be damned.

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