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Sunday, March 14


I almost have the little photo journals worked out and ready to meet their public. Along the way, I learned something not related to the book arts. I suck at numbers and exactitude. I have OCD about fractions and decimals.

Well, I didn't exactly just learn this. I've known this since about 3rd grade when math became more than tidy little boxes of numbers that easily added up under a straight line and little gold stars appeared on the paper. I still don't really know the times tables, having to count backwards or forward from the one I do know to get to the ones that stump me. (6 times 9 = 6 times 10 minus 6) I changed my major in college when I realized I needed statistics for a degree in journalism. Huh?

Anyway...the covers are photos that are exactly 4X6, I had my paper cut exactly 6 inches. My OCD kicks in when I try to imagine that those two places, blocks apart on Delaware, will cut things exactly 6 inches. Then I have to cut the cardstock exactly 6 inches and all those things have to line up ...aaarrrgh! This, for some reason, turns my brain to mush.

But, I'm coping. My photos look pretty awesome and I'm proud of them. I'm going to take shots of local landmarks, too. I feel calmer thinking about that part.

And the gorgeous finishing press that Russell surprised me with last year is finally getting used for the "perfect binding" these books use. That's fun, too.

I took a test once to see if I had left or right brain dominance. It came back that my brain is apparently neither, the traits of each testing...precisely...even.

Well, that explains a lot, I'm thinking. One side thinks up an idea and the other side makes a list about why it won't work. One side sees all the housework that needs to be done and the other wants to go out and take pictures of dried leaves on brown mud. Then the other side sees the need to rake. Then the rake makes pretty shadows against a fence. Then the fence seems to need painting.

One part of me hates to be late, the other abhors clocks and watches.

One part of me makes lists and keeps a calendar. The other side forgets where they are.

The analytical me likes to figure things out, the other me often wanders off before the answer is revealed.

And so it goes. Does it help to understand all this? Ha.

I know the pretty pictures make me want to make books of them and the stress of the precision only lets me make a few at a time. I can handle that. As long as there are no flash cards involved. Which means...

Hmm...there's an idea for book covers. Old flash cards! Maybe playing cards. Like Old Maid. I should go to Amvets, they probably have old cards....wait, what was I talking about...?

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