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Tuesday, January 26

breaking the surface

I fel like I've been swimming under water. Quiet, isolated from the air and light around me. Just gliding along, eyes ahead.

The trouble with swimming under water is that you miss things. Like the sun. And people. And obligations. Plus your fingers wrinkle up.

Now, I could batter this metaphor within an inch of its trite life, but I'll skip to the chase and report that I have taken a deep breath, organized my paperwork, checkbook and schedule and resurfaced here in my real life, ready to take it on. It wasn't easy. If I may return to my metaphor for just a moment, coming back home after a month on the Island with my son sort of gave me the bends. My rhythm was broken. I had no transition time. My mind and body rebelled.

I'm better now.

The sight of my 2010 binder pleases me. The check marks indicating "done" are little victories. I have an urge to buy office supplies, always a good sign. I have a couple of ideas for new widgets this year which I will share should they ever exist. Before you know it, the season will be here. Oh, God of Art Show Carnies, let me be ready this year. I really really want to be ready this year.

2 apps in the mail this morning, 2 almost ready to go tomorrow. Then a week to get ready for the first show of the year. Good thing I came up for air.

I may float every so often, but got to keep my head above water from now on. Life is waiting.

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