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Sunday, December 13


Another season over. From a small book arts show in March, through a stormy Summer, into the Fall holiday shows and the December gift shows. All done now. Deep breath. Feet up. Relax. Wait. What's that? An application? Due in 3 weeks?

The art show gods have an odd sense of humor.

I will go up to the cold studio one more time, to try for a special book for jurying. I was pretty laid back about that stuff last year, using old photos, got smug. And it cost me at least one show, maybe 2.

And then I will get ready for my trip. A long relaxing train ride to the West coast. In my own little room. I do love the train. Yes, I hate to fly. It's not fear of crashing, it's a control issue. Sort of like "If God wanted me to fly he would have made me a pilot". Trains make me happy. I believe if we all took trains, the country would be kinder. Seriously. No crazy security rules, no long lines for hours. And then the gentle sway on the rails. The train whistle at intersections. Scenery in an endless loop. Time to breathe, nap, read. Love it.

I need the transition time. It's been a while since I've been alone with me, nothing to accomplish, no schedule, no deadlines.

OK, back to the attic one more time.

I'll be blogging from the train, if you care to share the journey. :)

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Terry said...

yea rah in agreement on planes and trains and normal days from the previous post.. I hope you are doing well out there. Terry