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Monday, September 7

too many deadlines, so little time

We leave Saturday night/Sunday morning, off to see the children. 2700 miles or so by car. I'm doing a show in Oregon, so we will have a loaded van. Ask me if I'm ready.

Russell is rebuilding the porch, almost by himself. A friend is helping, on and off. It is about half done. We have a painter working on the trim. It needs to be done in the next few days.

I am replenishing my "stock" so I don't have to spend precious vacation time locked in a room with glue and scissors.

I have an order for 120 beaded bookmarks to finish in 2 weeks. I'll work in the car, but the stuff needs to be organized and prepped in order for the car thing to work.

I have not yet planned anything. Usually, by now, I have lists and half-packed bags and a menu for car food. Nothing yet.

I have to pick up Quincy's medical records and a dose of flea/tick goo.

Kinkos cut the paper wrong for my pages, so I have to go buy more and have it re-cut. That means I can't bind any books until wednesday.

Did I mention I'm working this week? All day Tuesday and a few hours for Curtain Up.

Oh, and in a flurry or optimism, I bought 3 tickets for a film at Burchfield Penney on Saturday afternoon.That wouldn't be such a big deal, except that I have decided to have a small yard sale Saturday morning. I've been going to have it all Summer. There are a couple of big things I would like to get rid of because when we get home, we plan to start on the inside of the house and October is an iffy time for a yard sale so it is sort of now or never. I figure I'll schlepp the stuff outside and whatever doesn't get purchased will be moved to the curb.

Maybe I'll just move it to the curb, period.

So, why am I spending precious time blogging? Beats me.

Anyone want 3 tickets to "The Guest of CIndy Sherman"?

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Daisy Soap Girl said...

Wow! Stop, you're making me dizzy.