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Saturday, August 22

the power of positive thinking

Some friends of mine in the business keep trying to help me believe in the law of attraction. If you see it, believe it, practice it, you will be rewarded. I get it.

But see, here's the dilemma. I always believe I will have a great show. I always picture being able to actually, oh, save a bunch of the proceeds because I was so successful. I always picture lines of people waiting to pay me, waving paper money and plastic cards. I always picture sunny skies, temps in the 70's and a gentle breeze.


Maybe that's wrong thinking after all. If I wasn't so believing, I would have booked a few extra shows. Remembered the rain curtains. Held off on a couple of extravagances.

If I didn't believe so much, I would have worked more hours at my part time job.

So, I'm thinking there is a fine line to walk between magic and reality. I'm thinking you need to believe in both.

Picture sunny skies but bring the rain curtains. Imagine lines of customers, but save before you spend. Envision streets crowded with people, but book enough shows to make empty streets less of a problem.

I'm also thinking maybe I need to believe AND prepare more. That seems to be the key difference between us. My friends always have tons of things with which to keep restocking their displays. They prepare for the success they imagine. I create enough "stuff" for my realistic expectations.

Sometimes the cartoon light bulb over my head blinds me.

My last Summer show is next weekend and it's one of my favorites. It is also the show that needs to be a good one so we can have our vacation.

I will believe and, because I believe, I'm gonna be ready. What a concept.

I'm picturing the scenic roads through the Rockies. the ferry to my son's house, the vacation house we rented.

I'm picturing the attic and the work that awaits.

First things first.


Terry said...

Elmwood could have been this weekend and you would have been rained on (again) with todays weather. That's a good thing.
It is amusing that we go to oppisite ends of the country in October. Let us know how you do out west and we'll tell you how Maine is, maybe next year we can swap. Terry

Conard said...

If reality is NOT what you want for yourself "Don't spend a single moment focusing on it". Turn your attention toward what you do want, always.
You are so close with this post that I can feel your light bulb moment all the way over here in Naples:-)
As Debbie just said, "Your getting warmer".

Josten said...

You more so have to focus on the reality that you want to create. Thats where positive thinking works. Watch the new video that Tony robbins did with Frank kern and anthony robbins. It will explain the whole power of ones mindset and etc.