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Tuesday, July 21

meanwhile, at my "real job"..

So, I wandered into work this morning expecting the usual echoing quiet of a theater at rest and saw this:

which was a good thing because it meant that the next huge step in renovation was happening..the carpet. For decades, the stairs had been covered with carpeting that was reminiscent of the 1920's decor originally there, but it wasn't historically correct and as it started to wear, it was "repaired" with red duct tape. A real indignity for this grand old place.

But now, after years of research and fund raising, new carpeting that replicates what was there back in the 20's is about to be installed. But first they had to strip the grand staircase of the old stuff

What they found was pretty rough

The real work begins now, truly "step-by-step"

SInce I only work a few hours a week in the Summer, I will be able to watch the project unfold at high speed, the tedious part unseen

When it's done, the grand staircase will have a runner down the center, with the newly polished terrazzo exposed along the edges. It will be beautiful.

And to think they wanted to tear the place down for a parking garage 25 years ago.

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