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Saturday, March 7

a night at the gallery

The inside of Grant Street Gallery is wonderful. A wall of windows, a wall of bleached brick, 2 white walls and a brown tin ceiling. I don't know what the space was before, but what it is now seems to be its destiny. The doors are old and the paint is peeling and I hope they keep it that way.

We set up simple displays of racks and tables, laughing and catching up as we went about the business of illusion. It is a joy to work with people you truly like. Hell, I actually love a few of them. 

There was even "Celtic Lemonade". That's Anne Bliss  in her great cap. Wish I could wear hats and look like that. If I wore that hat, people would cross the street when they saw me coming. Trust me.

The space started to fill with life and light and color and I knew I was going to enjoy this night, no matter the sales.

The core group of Urban ARTisans was represented:

Chary Robbins

Anne Bliss

Nicole Ambarchian

Anne Peterson

Paul Morgan of Avalon

Then there was me

and the wonderful whimsy of Carol Wannamaker's "Crow Biz"

the exceptional pottery of Steven Appler

Robin's fun and colorful Aremel soaps

T-shirts from CityLove

There truly was something for everyone, incredible for such a small show.

As night fell, the gallery became a beacon of light and warmth on the street, a block that had been dark and unwelcoming for years was now alive.

The coffee shop was filled with people and music, and many wandered over to see us when the guitar player took a break and announced our presence. All night, until the end, visitors came.

And they bought stuff! What more could you ask for?

A reclaimed storefront dressed up in its gallery clothes, spilling light onto the street, a hint of Spring in the night air, good friends and good art, green lemonade in plastic cups. I am shedding winter like a tattered coat and it feels really good.

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Anonymous said...

Great Photos, looked like you had an enjoyable show. THe best I can say for Columbia SC where we are is the beutiful weather. It hit 82 degrees. Most of the people were very friendly and overly polite..